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In Memorium
T Bar T Miniature Horses News from the Farm!

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Dolly Lama

Sherry Wins Reserve Grand in Showmanship

Sherry and Gentleman Joe won Reserve Champion in showmanship at the World Show in Fort Worth!

Fire Cracker Takes 6th in World Amateur Jumping!

Amber Garcia wins Regional Youth Hi Point

Amber Garcia, showing our National Champion gelding, Hermanns Gentleman Joe, won high point in her first year showing minis. We are very proud of Amber!

Animal Planet Book Signing

Sonja Fitzpatrick of Animal Planet signs her new book for Bob and Sherry. T Bar T was featured on 5 of her shows.

New Caney Home

This is a picture of our home at our new training and breeding center in New Caney, Texas.

First Show - Two Reserve Grand Champions

We are proud of T Bar T Crystal Blue Champaign! At 10 months in her first show, she took a first in Level II Amateur Mares, went back in for the Grand Champion and won two Reserve Grand Champions with Sherry showing her.


Cher saw Millstone Little Mans Fantasy on an episode of Animal Planet and fell in love. Fantasy and her foal were delivered to Cher's California County Home in March. Fantasy is shown in the 8th article on this page with the Pet Physic from Animal Planet.

Bob & Sherry at the Katy Show

Our daughter Shelly and Grey Girl

On March 8th, Shelly married her childhood sweetheart, Eric Ziegler. They have been dating since the First Grade, longer than most people have been married! We wish them a marriage full of love and laughter!

German Miniature Horse Association

T Bar T has been selected to provide part of the seed herd that will establish the German Miniature Horse Association. Six of our minis have been exported by Air Cargo to Southern Germany. Pictured here are the German buyers Conny Steinbrecher, her father Walter, and Sandy Lynch, center, from Canada who acted as their agent. They are paying their respects to the crew of Space Shuttle Columbia at NASA. Both Sherry and I reluctantly included one of our favorite minis in the package but we know they will be in good hands with Conny and get lots of love!



Gambler Regional Multiple Champion

Gambler drove and jumped to multiple awards at Central Regionals. He died at the National Show and will always be in our hearts.
Don't Cry for the Horses By: Brenda Riley-Seymore

They were ours as a gift, but never to keep,
As they close their eyes forever to sleep.
Their spirits unbound,
On silver wings they fly.
A million white horses,
Against the blue sky.
Look up into heaven,
You'll see them above.
The horses we lost,
The horses we loved.
Manes and tails flowing,
As they gallop through time,
They were never yours- they were never mine.
Don't cry for the horses,
They'll be back some day.
When our time is gone,
They will show us the way.
Do you hear that soft nicker?
Close to your ear?
Don't cry for the horses,
Love the ones that are here.


In addition to his other titles, Brave placed National Top Ten in Jumper! Art work by Custom Creations

Animal Planet Stars!

The Animal Planet from the Discovery Channel selected T BAR T for a telecast featuring world famous animal physic, Sonya Fitzpatrick. Included in the program were four of our minis, Apache, Fantasy, Dolly and Polly, our mini donkey Patches, our llama Tony, and Chip the Prairie Dog. Also included is Munch, a sheltie owned by our friend, Angela Eggers. Sonya communicates with the animals to produce a fascinating program. In the picture Sonya Fitzpatrick left, Sherry Tavel right, Fantasy bottom, with Camera man in back ground.


Our Champion Performance Gelding, Brookside Gambling Man, was featured on the front page of the AMHA 2002 Rule Book and in the 2001 AMHA year at a glance publication. Our wonderful Gambler died at the 2002 National Show. He will always be in our hearts.

Miniature Horses Measure Up
TAMPA TRIBUNE - B.J. Peterson said she never imagined herself owning - let alone breeding - miniature horses until a friend asked her to board two such animals in 1984. Eventually, she said, she fell in love with the horses so much, she bought them from her friend. "I was raising thoroughbreds, but it was getting cost-prohibitive," B.J. Peterson said. "We sold off the thoroughbreds, and I bought the first two miniature horses and sold the foal for more than I paid for the parents." "They can pull carts," she said, "though most people use them for showing and breeding or for pets. They're perfect for people who love horses but can't have a full-size one," she added. "It is very therapeutic to touch a horse and spend time grooming a horse." Her mother agreed, saying that miniature horses give her a chance to raise horses even though she's given up riding. "I got to a point where I couldn't ride anymore," B.J. Peterson said. "I got beat up too much, but I couldn't give up equines." Thanks to miniatures, she doesn't have to. Miniature horses are a big business, with prices ranging from $2,500 for an inexpensive animal to $150,000 or more. "It's a hobby that pays for itself," B.J. Peterson said. The sales of the horses "pays for showing and travel and feeding." As a hobby and a business, miniature horses are becoming more popular all the time, said Jennifer Zehnder, spokeswoman for the American Miniature Horse Association, based in Alvarado, Texas. During the AMHA's 24-year history, it has grown to 12,000 members and 126,000 registered horses in 26 countries, Zehnder said. "They're little horses, but big growth." It's easy to see why they're so popular, B.J. Peterson said. People are attracted to their gentle nature and get hooked when they realize how easy it is to care for a miniature horse compared to a full-sized one. "What we really like about miniature horses, is that you have an equine that is not intimidating," B.J. Peterson said. "These equines are easy to care for. They cost $35 a month to feed. They are wonderful animals for kids, the handicapped and even great big, macho cowboys."

AMHA Horse Industry Continues Upward
American Miniature Horses continue to prove a sound and valuable investment. "Select" lots of petite equines drew standing room only conditions at this year's Breeders Winter Classic Sale held Saturday, January 26 at the Will Rogers Equestrian Center West Arena in Fort Worth, Texas. Held in conjunction with the 2002 Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show (January 12 - February 3), the sale drew record attendance and featured more than 74 American Miniature Horses from some of the industry's leading sires and dams. The top five horses averaged $10,500, and the top 10 averaged $7,850. The Beardens of Heartland Farms (Jonesboro, Ark.) consigning the high-selling lot #20 Bond Peppy Power. Sharman Brown of Thousand Oaks Ranch (Honey Brown, Texas) purchased the 1982 stallion for $16,500.

In 1962 Robert Kennedy heard about the miniature Falabella horses. This would be the perfect gift for children that had everything. Julio Falabella did not like to part with his minis, but he made an exception for the Kennedy Clan. He had three imported from his ranch in Argentina and on Christmas morning 1962, the Kennedy children discovered the three mini horses tied to their Christmas tree!

Congratulations! You're the December winner! "One of the great things about owning a home business in the flexibility to do whatever your heart desires. This month's winner comes to us by way of Bob and Sherry Tavel in Pasadena, Texas. It appears from the pictures on their site that they have a great time with their business. You will see pictures of Sherry rocking one of their "babies" to sleep as well as a very nice Christmas picture where they pose with two of their herd. The site is very warm and inviting. The thing that struck me immediately were the cool little horseshoes that chase the mouse pointer around the home page. The miniature horses and donkeys are displayed via fabulous pictures. Site navigation is effortless and easy to follow. There are cute little animated graphics, several links to other horse-related information and too many site awards to list here. You can even send a free horse greeting card. Bob and Sherry give a special thanks to Dusty Hartzog, who has trained and shown several of their "minis" and taken them to "Top Tens" in the nation. What a fabulous home business!" To your success, Robert Wilkens, Jr. Owner, Home


Wishing you happy holidays and healthy minis all year long!


We believe in handling the babies from birth. We rock them to sleep as much as possible!

Thanks For Viewing Our Herd!

We hope that you have enjoyed viewing our herd. We love our little horses and encourage you to write or call about them. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write. Sherry and Bob Tavel

Best in Show-Houston Livestock Show

Modern Snippets Victoria takes Supreme Halter Horse! We are so excited and proud of her.

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